A Culturally-Informed Workforce

Working with Bias and Embracing Difference

To work effectively with co-workers or clients from diverse backgrounds, it is important that we examine our own cultures, values, belief systems and unconscious biases. Cultural differences unexamined can become obstacles to team and organisational cohesion, but an understanding and appreciation of them can lead to a more harmonious and consequently more productive workforce.

This workshop draws on Chris Pye’s experience of over twenty years, as a Group Facilitator and Trainer in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.


This package can be tailored to your needs, but will typically include:

  • Day 1: Full-day workshop for teams, introducing key themes in the development of a more culturally-informed workplace / practice / service
  • Day 2: Full-day workshop to unpack learnings and help participants develop action plans
  • Written materials to support ongoing learning
  • Ideally, this package should be coupled with the Cultural Capability package and repeated regularly, with intakes of new employees to the organisation

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A Culturally-Informed Workforce