Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers. Browse our frequently asked questions about relationship conflict coaching.

The success of Relationship Coaching relies on the skill of the individual coach, the quality of the working relationship and the commitment of the parties seeking support. A Single Step assures you a qualified and highly skilled Counsellor and Relationship Coach with many years of experience, and a strong focus on building a safe, supportive environment for all parties. We are confident of delivering great outcomes for your relationship if you are ready to commit yourself to the process.

The common distinction made is that Counselling is a therapeutic process, whilst Coaching is classically present and future-focused, with an emphasis on goals and actions. In practice – depending on the practitioners preferred approach – there can be considerable overlap, and with qualifications and a depth of experience in both Counselling and Coaching, Chris Pye from A Single Step offers the best of both worlds.

Some couples attend one or two sessions and feel that the support has set them back on track. More often, somewhere between 8 and 12 sessions is common. To chat with us about your specific needs and circumstances, book in for a free ‘First-Step Conversation’, or simply give us a ring.

A Relationship Conflict Coach works with couples and families to help identify the source of the relationship conflict and build the skills to manage it more successfully. It promotes the deepening of emotional connection and the setting of goals, towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Find out more on my couples coaching page.

Yes, I provide focused work with couples and families of all description. I can also work with larger groups by arrangement. Feel free to call me directly on 0403 811 497 to discuss your needs further.

My services are offered to individuals, couples, families, and teams, and I am happy to talk with you, to explore your needs. Call me on 0403 811 497 to see what can be arranged. If I can’t help you directly, I will do my best to point you in a direction that will provide the best support.

Yes. Families and intimate relationships come in a diversity of shapes and sizes. I make no assumptions about the number of people involved in the issues you wish to address. Phone me on 0403 811 497 to discuss your particular needs.

I certainly do. As a result of COVID or geographical distance, many people connect with services online, whilst others have discovered that they value face-to-face engagement where practical. I offer both, through the Zoom platform for online sessions and my comfortable consultation space in Mansfield, Brisbane, for face-to-face appointments.

Free 30-Minute First-Step Conversation

Your private, 30-minute call gives you the opportunity to:

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