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Trauma informed counselling for transforming anxiety, depression and emotional distress.

Are you just surviving?

A trauma informed approach means understanding that anxiety and depression are not disorders to be medicated but are the nervous system’s responses to not feeling safe in the world.

We are learning that the emotional states and behaviours that are sabotaging our relationships were once survival responses that made sense for the context in which they developed. But now they are holding us back from living a full life.

System Overload!

Mounting evidence is showing us that talking therapies alone, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), are not an adequate response to the impacts of trauma, and the anxiety and depression which so often result. These require a trauma informed approach.

These responses to emotional distress live in the limbic system – our emotional centre – far from the prefrontal cortex, where conscious thoughts are processed.   

Our emotional brain takes its lead from our body’s felt sense in our environment. When we have experienced overwhelming emotional distress (a single traumatic event, or a series of distressing experiences over time) our emotional brain is unable to process and integrate the distress and guide our nervous system back to a calm state. 

When this happens, we live in a hyper (anxious) or hypo (depressed) state, unable to be fully present in our lives and bodies, just doing what we can to survive each day. This is where trauma informed counselling comes in.

A Trauma Informed Approach

To effectively address the results of trauma or emotional distress, we need to confront the internal maps or core beliefs, which reside in those subconscious regions of our emotional brain, where survival responses were first constructed.

When we bypass our rational brain and talk directly to our emotional brain, it is possible to let go of the core survival beliefs, which may once have kept us safe, but are now holding us hostage. 

Only then are we free to take steps towards the life we know we were meant to live.

TRTP – Fast Resolution of Emotional Distress

A Single Step’s Chris Pye is an accredited practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), a ground-breaking model for helping people to move on from anxiety, depression and emotional stress, which may have been endured for years, despite considerable attempts to release it. 

Through a package of just three intensive 2-hour sessions, plus one monthly follow-up session, TRTP will guide you to confront the core beliefs that are holding you back and let them go forever.

TRTP finds close alignment with the cutting-edge research and methodologies of Bessel van der kolk, Peter Levine, Richard Schwartz, and other luminaries in the field of trauma treatment.

It is fast, effective and safe and does not involve reliving experiences of emotional distress, which ensures that you will not be re-traumatised.

This short video, from Judith Richards, the founder of TRTP, explains how it works.

"The critical human capacity to overcome trauma is to be able to Imagine alternative realities".

Your Next Step

To learn more about our TRTP package and how it can change your life forever, book a free, 20-minute, no-obligation ‘first-step-conversation’ with Chris, via phone or Zoom.

When booking your session you will be asked to briefly state the goals, issues or themes you would like to discuss. Please simply enter: ‘TRTP’

Using truly trauma informed counselling, we are confident that we can help you transform your emotional distress forever, but you don’t need to rely on our word. Check out a few TRTP client testimonials.

Trauma informed counselling can help you leave anxiety, depression and trauma in the past, where it belongs. TRTP can do that for you, so i urge you to reach out and learn more. Book a FREE, no-obligation ‘first-step-conversation’ with me today and get ready to step into a life free from the triggers of past trauma.

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Chris Pye from A Single Step is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

PACFA is a leading national peak body for the counselling and psychotherapy profession. Practising members of PACFA  are listed on PACFA’s National Register.  Registrants have demonstrated an approved level of training, experience and competence, complying with PACFA’s ethical standards and meeting PACFA’s Training Standards, which are the highest for the profession in Australia.

PACFA members work with a broad range of modalities, and with individuals and groups reflecting the diversity of Australian society. Its mission is to represent the counselling and psychotherapy profession to communities and government, and to develop the evidence base for counselling, psychotherapy and Indigenous Healing Practices for the benefit of Australians’ mental health.


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