Team Development and Leadership Coaching

Building trust and safety, towards greater cohesion, and productivity, through team development and leadership coaching.

A Single Step’s Director, Chris Pye, has spent thirty years working in and alongside Human and Community Services teams, which has shaped his approach to supporting teams. He combines his knowledge of these sectors with expertise in group facilitation and leadership coaching, to create powerful learning and development opportunities for teams, informed by A Single Step’s core values.

At the heart of every productive and thriving team are solid relationships and strong, inclusive leadership

But when these are interrupted, the team can feel unstable and uncertain, resulting in:


Transforming Workplace Conflict

Traditional conflict management approaches focus on finding compromise between opposing points of self-interest. But there is growing understanding that sustainable conflict management comes when we invest in creating safe, supportive spaces for authentic engagement with different perspectives.

Our approach draws on the principles of Narrative Practice. Our individual and group coaching, and workshops, promote deeper understandings of each other’s stories and the co-authoring of preferred futures.

A Single Step’s team conflict management processes focus on helping teams foster cohesion and engagement, through inclusive and creative thinking, and courageous actions.

Whether a dispute between two employees, or a general climate of discontent across the team, conflict left unaddressed will not just go awayYour team may be held back by historically entrenched conflicts or struggling to establish its shared culture and purpose. In either case, our approach to managing workplace conflict will help disrupt counter-productive attitudes and behaviours and create new, energised intentions.

Workplace conflict programs can be structured in a variety of ways, to meet HR or operational constraints. Content and process will typically include the following elements:

Building an Inclusive Workforce

Increasingly we understand that diverse organisations attract diverse talent. And diverse organisations also win the trust of diverse communities.

Gender and racially diverse teams perform better, innovate more, and improve economic quality.

Stephanie Lampkin, Renowned Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Data Analyst

But diversity does not necessarily mean inclusion and if you want to retain and build connections with diverse employees and clients, genuine inclusion is vital.

An inclusive workforce is one in which the ideas and perspectives of diverse employees and clients are sought out, listened to and encouraged to truly inform the culture of your organisation.

To be truly inclusive, we must examine our own cultures, values, belief systems and unconscious biases, because cultural differences unexamined can create workplace conflict and become obstacles to authentic connection.

When we truly see and hear each other’s differences, we can begin to build authentic relationships and a more cohesive and productive workforce


Team and Individual Leadership Coaching

Boards of Directors and Executive Leadership Teams the world over are increasingly recognising the power of Team Development, including Team and Individual Leadership Coaching.

Team Coaching explores issues and themes that relate to the collective team experience. It supports teams to identify and negotiate internal and external impacts on its performance, and make relevant adjustments.

The role of a Team Coach is to ask the right questions to help the team focus on what is important, understand what is helping and hindering their performance, and build cohesion, towards greater harmony and productivity.

A Team Coaching process will help individuals develop greater understandings about their role, and those of other team members, and the importance of collaboration.

All the real challenges in organisations are not in the parts or the people but in the connections.

Peter Hawkins

Team and Individual Leadership Coaching programs can be structured in a variety of ways, to meet HR or operational constraints. Content and process will typically include the following elements:

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