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Are you and your partner ready to join other motivated couples, to deepen your connection and take your conflict management skills to the next level using conflict resolution workshops? Or perhaps you are a manager looking for conflict resolution training or a workshop employing conflict resolution strategies and techniques to help you create growth and learning for your team? 

Choose one of the options below to learn how I can support you or your team. 

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When nothing has worked it is easy to conclude that nothing will, and you may as well stop trying. But there is an alternative.

Working in a group of other couples, facing similar struggles, can turbo-charge your learning and provide renewed motivation for positive change in your relationship. Why not attend one of our face-to-face courses and take a bold step towards a preferred future for your relationship

In alignment with our vision, mission and values, we help you reconnect with those you most care about, towards stronger relationships and a more fulfilling life.

Couples Communication & Conflict Transformation

This intensive evening workshop,  held on the first Thursday of each month, is a hothouse for growth and learning in your relationship. Through a variety of dynamic activities, you will work alongside others, to build your relationship skills and enhance your relationship connection.

This workshop draws on powerful evidence-based approaches such as Emotion-Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the research of The Gottman Institute, to provide powerful tools that will help you to kick-start your commitment to a stronger, healthier relationship.

Book into one of our workshops below and find out what your relationship has been missing.

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Upcoming Workshop Dates:


APRIL 7th: Time: 6PM-8:30PM

MAY 5th: Time: 6PM-8:30PM

june 2nd: Time: 6PM-8:30PM

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At the heart of every productive and thriving workplace is a creative engagement with difference.

Our focus is helping team members let go of rigid positions to discover new perspectives and co-create productive working environments. Our conflict resolution workshops help you to foster a cohesive and inspired workforce through inclusive thinking and culturally-informed behaviours.

In alignment with our vision, mission and values, we will tailor a service to meet your specific needs and outcomes.

Conflict Resolution Workshops For Teams

We provide facilitation and consultation for Human Services teams, particularly at times of change, uncertainty and growth. Areas of focus include the creative management of conflict, building diversity and inclusion, and team cultural development. 
At the heart of all our conflict resolution workshops with teams is the facilitation and fostering of safe, supportive spaces, from which positive outcomes and rich learning can grow.

Course packages can be tailored to your needs, in content and length, from a one-day format to a series of workshops. They will all typically include the following elements:


Click the 'Enquire Here' button under the image on the right to contact us about your workshop requirements. We can discuss structure, length, budget and agenda, to ensure that our service is tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes


For more detailed information about how we can work alongside you, to help optimise your team culture and outcomes, visit my Consultation page using the button below

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When we understand that conflict is not only inevitable but essential for growth, we can begin to enjoy each other’s differences, rather than trying to eliminate them.
Chris Pye, A Single Step