The Four Cs – For a Stronger Team

Uniting Your Workforce Through Vision, Mission and Values

When any organisation grows large enough that its entire workforce can no longer sit in a circle together and address each other by name, it has to work much harder to maintain cohesion and a shared purpose. And a workforce that shares a purpose is more productive than one that doesn’t.

In this package, Chris Pye draws on his broad experience of supporting the implementation of workforce initiatives in a variety of professional settings, to help your organisation to reconnect with its purpose and successfully integrate the learnings across your workforce, towards more motivated and productive teams.

Collaboration + Coherence + Communication = Cohesion


Our package can be tailored to your needs, but will typically include:

  • Full-day workshop for Key Decision Makers (KDMs). These might include: The Executive Team, The Board of Directors, Senior Managers, Marketing Team, and other relevant managers. Here we revisit/revise the organisation’s vision, mission and values (VMV) and connect these with our own personal values and motivations
  • Second full-day workshop with smaller group of KDMs, to establish aims, develop tasks, timelines and accountabilities
  • Three follow-up consultations with KDMs, to check-in on progress and help work through challenges and blockages

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The Four Cs – For a Stronger Team