Beyond Belief

What if belief is merely an idea enshrined by the illusion of certainty and knowing? Could it simply be the stale remains of a fleeting moment of truth that we could not bear to let go?

I’ve always known that I didn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, but as a child I felt a bit guilty about not going along with it all. Guilt gave way to disappointment, as I observed the comfort derived by those who lived within a reassuring bubble of certainty and knowing. What had I missed?

I never chose to be an atheist.  Atheists had often struck me as being just as smug and self-righteous as religious folk. My father declared himself an agnostic, which at the time I put down to his essential inability to commit. In retrospect, I think he was showing me that it’s O.K to not know stuff.

What if belief is merely an idea enshrined by the illusion of certainty and knowing? Could it simply be the stale remains of a fleeting moment of truth that we could not bear to let go? Have we become so removed from our essential nature that our connections to truth, love and beauty can only ever be fleeting and illusive?

Reconnection Coaching at A Single Step is about supporting people to become curious about their thoughts, challenge unhelpful constructs, then reconnect and commit to the things that are important to them.

The approach of the Reconnection Coach is informed by Socratic dialogue, which uses conversation and inquiry, rather than teaching, to support people in accessing their own innate knowledge and wisdom through three essential stages:


  • Our realities are created by our thoughts, which become persistent and dominant narratives
  • These narratives concretise into beliefs, which become the filters through which we see ourselves, the world and the people around us
  • When we start getting curious about the workings of our mind and challenging the unhelpful narratives, our judgements and general inflexibility begin to dissipate and we become open to truth and positive change


  • We realise that our focus must not be the words and actions of others, but attention to our own thoughts and the constructions that derive from them
  • Our renewed honesty and authenticity will be observed by those in our personal and professional networks, creating a positive chain reaction


  • Unburdened by rigid beliefs and unhelpful narratives, we are freed to consider what is most important to us
  • We can then forge reconnections with these things and commit to prioritising their place in our life

Truth will never be contained and constrained within tomes or temples. It is neither reassuring nor challenging. It just is. And the greatest obstruction that stands between us and an experience of truth and love is the illusion of belief and knowing.

What beliefs and ‘knowledge’ are you holding on to, which prevent truth and love from flourishing in your life?

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