“Yes And…”

Improvisation skills for Creative Leaders

When we learn to say “Yes, and…” instead of “Yes, but…” in our interactions with employees and team-mates, we open up communication and allow new ideas and perspectives to enhance our work. Drawing on a career in commercial and applied theatre, Chris Pye offers this fun, interactive and challenging workshop, which requires absolutely no acting skill, but invites your team into a safe, supportive space where they will interact in a fresh new way and come out with a commitment to more courageous leadership.

Ideal for team-building days, conferences and team or leadership training events, this workshop challenges the thinking of managers, leaders and team members towards greater creativity, openness and collaboration.


This package can be tailored to your needs, but will typically include:

  • Half or Full-day workshop for your team, including a range of improvisation-based activities and group reflections
  • Written materials to support ongoing learning

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“Yes And…”