At Work

At the heart of every productive and thriving workplace is meaningful and authentic relationships.

With thirty years of experience in the Community and Social Services sectors, A Single Step’s focus is helping organisations build stronger and more productive relationships. Let us help you to foster a cohesive and inspired workforce through inclusive thinking, culturally-informed behaviours and the resolution of conflict.

In alignment with our vision, mission and values, we will tailor a service to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Start a Conversation about Bias and Difference

To embrace and truly celebrate difference, we must first understand it. Conversations about our differences and the relative privileges society affords us can be uncomfortable. They require a highly skilled facilitator and a sound, evidence-based process.

When we take assertive steps towards fostering a culturally informed workforce, the benefits will be felt by clients, employees and the organisation as a whole.

Build Cultural Capability towards Better Relationships with LGBTIQ+ Individuals and Communities

Maybe you wish to support a trans employee or student in their journey of gender transition. Perhaps you are wanting to expand the reach of your services to same sex couples or Rainbow Families. Whatever your motivation, you will be wondering where to start.

A Single Step facilitator, Chris Pye, has spent over fifteen years promoting cultural capability in the area of gender and sexual diversity, across the Community and Social Services sectors. Our evidence-based approach is further strengthened by Chris’ own lived experience as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, making A Single Step the right choice to support you in your journey.

Build a Stronger Team with the Tools of Creative Improvisation

Dramatic improvisation has been utilised by applied theatre practitioners for decades. With a strong focus on active listening, suspension of pre-judgement and co-creation of ideas, it provides a potent medium for the development of teamwork and leadership capability.

With twenty years of experience in commercial theatre and applied theatre practice, A Single Step facilitator, Chris Pye, is a master at facilitating fun and creative learning spaces where these powerful tools can be harnessed to meet the objectives of your team.