Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching applies a powerful, evidence-based approach, over a series of intensive weekly sessions, to help you reconnect with, and deepen, your relationship.

With a practice framework that draws on Person-Centred, Solution-focused and Narrative approaches, our Relationship coaching program will deliver the following:

  • Provide concrete tools to create a safe, healthy space for difficult communication
  • Help you confront unhelpful thought patterns and dominant narratives
  • Hold you accountable for applying the learnings to your relationship/s
  • Help you lower your defences and become a ‘team’ again

At A Single Step, coaching sessions can be held online, via the Zoom platform, or in our purpose-built consultation space on Brisbane’s Southside. Alternatively, when weather permits, sessions can be held in the shady surrounds of Gertrude Petty Place, at the foot of Kagar Maabul (Mount Gravatt).

Note: If you, or someone you know, would benefit from coaching, but are experiencing financial stress, you may be eligible for one of our Social Investment Packages.


Online, in our purpose-built consultation space on Brisbane’s Southside, or  Gertrude Petty Place, ‘Kagar Maabul’ (Mount Gravatt).

The coaching process is tailored to individual need and desire, and may include supporting you to:

  • Challenge problem thinking and unhelpful narratives
  • Identify a vision for the future of your relationship, which supports the person you want to be in the world
  • Set tangible and realistic goals, and work towards achieving them
  • Forge integrity of thought, words and actions
  • Embrace vulnerability and emotional courage
  • Rediscover your friendship and begin working as a team again

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Relationship Coaching