Communicating through Difference

Communicating through Difference (4-Part Course)

We all know the feeling of walking away from a conflict with a loved one or colleague feeling tense, awkward or unresolved. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Key Features of the Course:

In this course, Chris will help you to identify the narratives (familial, cultural and societal) which are fuelling conflict in your relationships. You will then design new relationship narratives, in alignment with your values, which better serve the relationships you want to nurture, into the future.

With 25 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families, Chris will facilitate a powerful process, which will transform your approach to conflict and enrich your relationships.

Key Benefits:

  • Clarity around the unhelpful narratives that impact your relationship conflict
  • Examination of how conflict operates and takes hold in your relationships
  • Concrete exercises and other tools that will help you build healthy relationships into the future

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Communicating through Difference Course Schedule

This 5-week course is delivered several times a year on Brisbane’s Southside. For more information, please make an enquiry.

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Communicating through Difference